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Special Interest Groups feature active

November 1, 2010 04:45:41 PM

I have implemented a new feature called Special Interest Groups. The goal is to provide a centralized meeting area to plan and discuss specific topics. I have already created one group, for email. The abilities available are minimal: a group can have admins, members and watchers, a list of packages, and discussions. Discussions also allow you to file bug reports and feature requests.

To help you stay on top of group activities, there are group news feeds. You can see an example with the email group news feed. There is also a per-user news feed, which will track all groups which you are watching or are a member.

Anyone can create a new group. The most popular groups will rise to the top. I'm hoping there will be no need to moderate groups, but if we must that feature can be added. If you want anything changed about the implementation, let me know!

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