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October 21, 2010 06:04:48 PM

I've just posted a message to the haskell-cafe discussing possible changes to the Haskellers theme. Here's the message in its entirety. I encourage you to respond on the mailing list if you have something to say:

I've gotten two offers for designs for Haskellers. The one uses the 
Haskell color theme choices we seem to be standardizing on as a 
community, the other uses a more custom theme. There is a screenshot 
of the former[1] and a demo page for the latter[2]. So the questions 

* How important is adhering to a "standard" look? 
* Which theme is overall more visually appealing? 
* Which theme gives a more professional feel? 

Please note that questions 1 and 2 may have different answers. Keep in 
mind when evaluating these themes, especially the first, that it is 
*not* in finalized form, just an basic idea of what could be. A third 
option that I have not pursued yet due to time constraints would be to 
leave the layout as-is currently but replace it with the Haskell color 
scheme. Yet another option would be to take the second theme mentioned 
above and try to force the Haskell color theme on it; I don't find 
that a good idea. Options 5 and 6 are leaving the site as it is (both 
layout and design), or proposing a totally different layout. 


[1] http://imgur.com/lnkE7.png 
[2] http://previasports.com/haskellers_website/ 

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