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October 17, 2010 11:14:42 AM

The big new addition to the site is job listings. I've purposely avoided adding a lot of fields to be filled in. I'm sure over time, we'll realize what's missing. For now, just remember that the description field is free-form, so put anything (estimated salary, skills required, etc) in there. The only requirement to post a job is that you are a verified user.

The site also has a slightly updated layout. The new navbar should give us plenty of room to continue to expand the site. That said, there's still an open invitation for people to submit design ideas. I'm considering having a "design contest" and let the community pick their favorite entry. Any takers?

One other thing I'd like to remind people about: the Haskellers.com RESTful API. There's some simple documentation in the Github repo, and if you need access to other information, please let me know. One possible usage of this API is to get a list of Haskellers on your site with a certain skill, eg listing everyone who knows darcs internals on the Darcs site.

As far as upcoming features, the next two I was thinking on were company and project pages. I figure these pages will really be little more than links to the company and project homepages, but it will hopefully make it easier for newcomers to the community to find these resources. I also think Haskellers will be able to mark themselves as either contributors or users of a project. Any thoughts?

On an internal note: the site is now running on the experimental Yesod 0.6. This version of Yesod replaces MonadCatchIO with MonadInvertIO, which properly handles exceptions. The former library was causing database connections to leak, resulting in 500 errors on the site.

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