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Survey results and new site features

October 14, 2010 08:03:56 AM

The first new site feature to mention is what you're reading: the news feed. Especially at the beginning, this site is rolling out a lot of new features, and I wanted a way to let people know about it. The newest news item will be displayed on the homepage, and you can also subscribe to our news feed.

The second new feature I wanted to mention is usernames. This isn't to allow you to log in with a site-specific password (though that may be added in the future). For now, it's simply to give your URL a more human feel. As the site develops, the username may get used for more features as well. To get your username, go to your edit profile page and click on the extras tab.

Now the survey: I must say I was astounded at the response I got. In one day we had 190 responses. I'm making the survey results public, but here's an overview of the results:

I've added Disqus comments to the news items, so feel free to chat all you want. I'm not sure yet if I'll be posting all of these news items to the Haskell cafe or not; some people want that, yet I'm still worried about annoying everyone else. I also may post them on the Haskell subreddit, but we'll see on that one as well.

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