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Posted by Max Cantor
Posted at February 25, 2011 02:25:26 AM
Filling by March 1, 2011
Job type Full or part time
Location Singapore / Telecommuting
My company, River Valley Networks, is looking to hire full-time and part time developers for the following:

- Web application development with Yesod
- Developing a web-scale data infrastructure
- Image Processing / OCR. Currently, we are using a stack of gamera/tesseract and python. We are looking to complete this and implement future capabilities in Haskell.

We are a young, exciting small business preparing to launch a very visible consumer product. We believe that this will be a great showcase and coming out party for Yesod/Haskell and are eagerly looking for help.

Please email me: max <AT> rvn <DOT> sg with any questions or CVs

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