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Posted by Greg Weber
Posted at September 21, 2013 01:33:57 AM
Filling by October 31, 2013
Job type Full or part time
Location San Francisco, USA
At Docmunch we use Haskell for hard, real-world problems like document structure analysis and table decomposition.  Docmunch is a rich, client-side web application implemented in Typescript and AngularJS coupled with a Haskell backend for our data extraction and processing algorithms.

Docmunch loves Haskell. Greg is one of the maintainers of the "radically type safe" Yesod Web Framework and the Persistent ORM library. Max has been hooked on functional programming since working at Jane Street Capital several years ago. We love static typing.

Docmunch also loves data. We are focused on solving the small data problem. Our customers are confronted with large amounts of small data sets they receive and use on a daily basis. Docmunch is principally focused on preparing data for analysis, not the analysis itself. Our focus is the collection, extraction, normalization, and retrieval of data for end-users. Our goal is to empower non-technical, end-users to solve data problems that previously required significant IT investment.

Docmunch is an early stage startup driven by customer demand. Our founders have a combined 14 years of experience in the financial services industry and count one of the largest investment banks as our client.

Docmunch is looking for Haskellers that want to solve real-world issues around data. We are not focussed on padding "likes" or generating pointless page views and ad clicks. You should be ready to use Haskell in a commercial setting, although this may be your first time. You know that Haskell is not a miracle cure, but you like basking in the safe glow of its expressive static typing.

Our team works in our San Francisco office, but we are open to remote workers. The more timezones away from us you are the more proficient you will need to be with Haskell and working remotely.

Find us at https://angel.co/docmunch or http://blog.docmunch.com.

Contact us at eng@docmunch.com

A resume, CV, or fancy cover letter is not required. We want to know what you have been up to and please point us to some Haskell code on github that you wrote (even if it is just pull requests to another project).

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