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Posted by Don Stewart
Posted at September 20, 2012 01:37:53 PM
Filling by January 1, 2013
Job type Full time
Location Singapore, London or Tianjin
The Strats team at Standard Chartered is hiring several positions in Singapore, London and Tianjin. 

We are looking for full-time Haskell developers to develop new desktop and web applications for in house users across the globe. All the work is geared towards finance, however, no financial background is necessary.

We develop primarily desktop and web applications in Haskell, along with supporting DSLs, GUI components, compilers, libraries, servers and much more, as part of the largest production Haskell code base on the planet. Code you write will go into use in more than 25 countries on a daily basis.

You will be working with a large team of Haskell developers, including many well-known members of the community, including Lennart Augustsson, Ravi Nanavati, Malcolm Wallace, Roman Leshchinskiy, Neil Mitchell and Don Stewart.

The focus for the Strats team is on software enginnering and computer science skills. Our team typically have masters degrees or PhDs in computer science, with 3+ years of Haskell (or similar language) experience. We strongly prefer demonstrated experience in the develop of libraries or applications in functional languages (we'd love to see your stack overflow, darcs, github or hackage contributions!).

To apply, send a CV To neville.dwyer AT sc DOT com

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