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Haskell Evangelist for MongoDB

Note: This job listing has been closed.

Posted by <Unnamed user>
Posted at August 16, 2012 06:53:37 PM
Filling by November 1, 2012
Job type Full time
Location New York, NY (Potentially Palo Alto CA)
Hey Haskellers,

The team at MongoDB/10gen loves Haskell. We are looking to better involve ourselves and support the general community. To do this, we are hiring a Haskell Evangelist for our New York or Palo Alto office. Please drop me an email, if you might be interested. Jacob.Nelson@10gen.com


You will be the voice of Haskell, on both the 10gen team and within the broader MongoDB community. You will be responsible for supporting MongoDB in the Haskell ecosystem through driver development, integration with open source tools, community support, and developer advocacy.

Fun things you get to do

  • Advocate the adoption of MongoDB to the broader Haskell developer community.
  • Work with exciting companies such as Craigslist and foursquare to help them with their MongoDB implementations.
  • Contribute to and create open source applications and libraries.
  • Evangelize our developer products in person and online by presenting at conferences, blogging, writing technical tutorials, and other similar activities.


  • Strong experience programming in and a passion for Haskell
  • Active participant and contributor to open source.
  • Experience blogging and writing technical articles on Haskell, ideally with an existing follower base.
  • Considerable success as a software developer, architect, technology evangelist, CTO, or consultant working with web or mobile technologies.
  • Strong command of web application or mobile application development landscapes.

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