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Haskell Systems Administrator

Note: This job listing has been closed.

Posted by Bartosz Milewski
Posted at July 6, 2012 05:16:11 PM
Filling by July 31, 2012
Job type Full or part time
Location Telecommuting
FP Complete is a growing company whose goal is to create Haskell development platforms for industrial clients. We are looking for an enthusiastic, creative and independent person for the position of a Haskell Systems Administrator. This is a telecommuting job and we accept applications from all countries.

Job responsibilities include:

- Administering cloud servers running Linux
- Installing and testing Haskell software and libraries
- Developing and administering Haskell-based web services
- Writing Haskell web applications when off-the-shelf solutions are not available

The applicant must be a Haskell programmer with the following skills:

- Experience with Linux servers (user account mangement, security, networks)
- Knowledge of the Haskell Platform, Cabal, libraries, and Haskell tools
- Familiarity with one of the web frameworks like Yesod, Snap, or Happstack
- Ability to write JavaScript code.

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