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Software Developer

Posted by Scott Murphy
Posted at October 6, 2020 04:45:04 AM
Filling by November 27, 2020
Job type Full time
Location Remote or in Oklahoma City

Job Description

Plow Technologies designs software for controlling industrial machines. This software platform is called OnPing. We are looking for frontend and backend developers to help us develop this platform. Our software stack uses Reason ML on the front end and Haskell on the backend. We are very into types and try to use our type systems to help solve problems for a demanding customer base.

We are looking for developers to work on a variety of roles including.

  • Custom MQTT drivers and other pubsub systems
  • Frontend design of visualization systems
  • DSL design for templates and other information architecture structures
  • Lots of interesting UI projects in Reason.
  • So so much more stuff.

Preferred Skills

Some or all of the following would be nice


  • Haskell
  • ReasonML
  • OCaml
  • Nix
  • C


  • AWS
  • MQTT
  • Distributed Systems
  • File Systems
  • Machine Protocols
  • SMT
  • TLA+


  • Type Driven Design
  • Applied Formal Methods
  • Language Design

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