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Blockchain Research Engineer

Note: This job listing has been closed.

Posted by <Unnamed user>
Posted at July 13, 2018 08:21:13 AM
Filling by December 31, 2018
Job type Full or part time
Location Bangalore/Bengaluru (India)
Kindly answer/submit our technical questionnaire Blockchain Research Engineer https://www.xoken.org/careers/blockchain-research-engineer/apply/ If selected we will schedule a telephonic interview. About the role: Research and development on core blockchain technologies, economic consensus protocols (Proof of Work, Proof of Stake, etc), P2P networking, cryptography, game theory, algorithms, network security, scalable robust architectures. Requirements: Interest in mathematics, code elegance and functional programming languages(Haskell preferably). Writing excellent code Adept on Linux and other open source technologies. Experience analyzing data structures and algorithms. Experience with crypto engineering. Ability to analyze security on large scale systems Designing, working with, and scaling distributed systems Troubleshooting Concurrency and synchronization Common IPC/RPC methods and patterns Messaging systems and patterns Solid OS / Networking fundamentals

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