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Software Engineer

Posted by Travis Whitaker
Posted at April 5, 2018 05:15:30 AM
Filling by June 30, 2018
Job type Full time
Location Costa Mesa, California, USA
Anduril Industires (https://www.anduril.com) is hiring. We're a team of software and hardware engineers from various backgrounds (game development, computer graphics, financial technology, government intelligence, biotechnology) working to improve the state of defense technology. Our strategy involves focusing on product development instead traditional governmental processes. By funding product development outselves instead of relying on government funds, we're able to create more focused products faster and with significantly fewer resources. By leveraging hardware and techniques that have only recently become feasible to deploy at scale (e.g. GPGPU computing), we can significantly advance the state of the defense technology market. We're searching for generally competent, mathematically inclined software engineers, and we're specifically interested in those with experience in computer vision (first principles techniques and machine learning), sensor fusion, detection and tracking, and statistical parameter estimation. Our team is increasingly applying functional programming and related technologies; we run Haskell and Rust code in production and use Nix to achieve reproducible build environments and keep deployment, CI, and cross-compilation sane. If you like FP, interfacing with hardware, and solving problems in detection, tracking, and autonomous vehicle control (land and air), drop me a line at travis-at-anduril-dot-com.

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